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d:fine™ Headset Microphones

Our d:fine™ Headset Microphones set the standard for head-worn microphone solutions. They are ideal for singers, public speakers, actors, musicians and broadcast professionals who insist on superior voice reproduction, comfort, easy setup, and a discreet look.

The d:fine headsets are offered in single- or dual-ear mounts to cover a broad range of applications. They come in several colors, two different patterns, and with different boom designs and lengths to match the various applications. The ear mounts will fit any head and ear size while the short boom is for louder speakers or situations where the mic needs to be less obtrusive.

The omni headset microphones are for situations where a broad pickup pattern is essential and off-axis noise is not a problem. The directional versions offer maximum side rejection and excellent sonic focus on the subject.

The new d:fine™ 88 and d:fine™ 66

The d:fine Headsets are now available with our legendary 4088 directional and 4066 omnidirectional capsules. The new d:fine variants combine the new versatile headset with the well-known 4088 directional or 4066 omnidirectional capsule mounted on the lightweight and flexible d:fine Headset system. All other d:fine variants remain available, also the classic 4088 and 4066.

Full range of adapters

As with all DPA’s personal microphone products, a full range of adapters are available for use with wireless systems - view our list of compatible wireless systems for information on which adapter to use.

Advantages of the d:fine™ Headset Microphones

Total flexibility

d:fine has gained a great many fans since its launch, and the range is now available in directional/omni versions, single/dual ear designs, long/short microphone booms and in multiple colors. Each performs spectacularly on cable and with all pro wireless systems.

Comfortable single- and dual-ear

The choice of single- or dual- ear mount allows artists to select the optimum version for their performance. For example, the new dual-ear version is ideal for more active situations where secure mounting is required, as it sits snugly on the neck and is virtually invisible. Like its single-ear counterpart, it is unobtrusive, and so comfortable that users forget they are wearing it.

Switchable boom

d:fine is easy to switch between right and left sides by rotating the boom and the earhooks. A short, 4cm boom is available for the omnidirectional d:fine. Sitting just below the earlobe, this is designed for applications where the mic must not be visible on the face, but where high quality sound is paramount.

Detachable cable

Repairs no longer require taking a mic out of commission, as d:fine is designed with a detachable cable which can be replaced immediately with a spare.

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Single-ear Directional Headsets


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Wireless adapters

Wireless adapters for DPA miniature microphones and headworn mics



Specifications and further info on the d:fine product pages.


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