Eyes have blind angles – ears don’t. Sound can carry a lot of “hidden” information not necessarily found in images or video. Voice and language, vehicle characteristics, timing, direction and distance information, etc.
In audio forensics, acoustic crime scene analysis is highly appreciated as it provides site-specific information related to the incident in question. Undercover recordings are one of  law enforcements’ tools in the fight against crime. Voice biometrics are widely applied for access control. Flight recorders provide unique information that can reveal the cause of aviation incidences. Engine monitoring may ensure in-time maintenance.

In contrast to fingerprints, sound does not leave a direct trace. Sound always travels through an acoustic path and then eventually gets recorded. 

Microphones are key to security

To gain useable evidence, sound must be captured by one – or more – microphones. The quality of the evidence depends on the audio quality capture, and accordingly, the quality of the equipment used. In many cases, the recording may be subject to signal processing for noise reduction, voice clarity, speaker recognition / verification.The best result is achieved when a high-quality signal is obtained from the beginning retained throughout the process.

The microphone is the first component in the audio chain – and perhaps the most important one. DPA Microphones has a long history as a microphone provider for security and law enforcement solutions. Choose DPA Microphones for your security solutions, when the keywords are reliability and accuracy. 
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d:screet™ Slim Omnidirectional Microphone (Hi-Sens or Lo-Sens) + DUA6028 Button-Hole Mount is the perfect choice for under cover recordings.

d:screet™ 4060 / 4061 / 4062 Omnidirectional Microphones is a great solution for surveillance and all kind of security recordings/monitoring.
d:screet™ Heavy Duty 4060 / 4061 Microphones are rugged versions of the originals. They are designed to survive the most hostile envirenments and handling.

d:dicate™ 4007A Omindirectional Microphone, 12 mm for high precision, wideband, wide dynamic recordings.

d:dicate™4017 C Shotgun Microphone, Compact for recordings where high audio quality and directivity is needed.

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