Buttonhole Mount for Slim Microphone (DUA6028B, DUA6028W)


Unique Button-Hole Mount for the Lavalier Slim Omnidirectional Microphone.

The 4160 Series Slim Omnidirectional Microphones comes with a unique Button-Hole Mount. It mounts on the mic head and has a small side-entry pipe (2 mm diameter). The pipe makes it possible for sound to enter the mic when it is concealed in a button hole. 

The Button-Hole Mount is delivered with the 4160 Series Slim Series Microphones. It should be mounted on the side of the microphone with the silver dot. 

Sold as a set of five pcs.

Order numbers: DUA6028B, DUA6028C, DUA6028F, DUA6028W.

Fits with these microphones


4160 Series Slim Omni Mic

These mics are perfect for your film assignment or for any other situation where you need a completely hidden microphone. The series is available in two sensitivity variants, the 4160 for normal SPL and 4161 for loud SPL. With sound on par with DPA’s legacy Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones, you can be sure that the Slim Lavalier will not disappoint.

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