AES - Sound Reinforcement – Open Air Venues, 2017 International Conference

City of Sound, Struer, Denmark
August 30 - September 2, 2017
This conference will bring together recognized hands-on experienced practitioners, scientific experts, self-taught gurus, young technicians, and students in a creative environment.
There will be workshops, demonstrations, and live experiments combined with paper presentations, engineering briefs, and tutorials. Live performances will demonstrate the most advanced and up-to-date sound systems operated by renowned sound engineers on an outdoor stage. Technical papers and tutorials will be presented by recognized sound system designers and acoustics specialists. A one-track scheduling format is planned. However, it is expected that parallel tracks for various hands-on sessions and demonstrations as well as theoretical sessions can be organized to suit individual preferences.

Rune Slot of DPA – who is an experienced live engineer - will conduct workshops on microphone setups for drums and microphone setups for Big Band.

Check the program here: http://www.aes.org/conferences/2017/sr/


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