December 7, 2017
Miking the conference room where intelligibility is king and the microphone is the throne.
This presentation takes you through some very important points, to make your conference microphone system setup successful. Either inside one conference room or from one room to another.

When: December 7th, 2017 1pm - 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)
Where: Online webinar
Price: FREE

  • Eddy B. Brixen
  • Gabriel Antonini
  • Christopher Spar
3 Learning Objectives:
  • What is the basis for a well working microphone system?
  • What kind of microphones to select?
  • Golden rules for microphone placement! 

Topics to be covered:

1 The System
  • Speaking person 
  • Room (reverberation, background noise)
  • Microphone(s) 
  • Signal processing (mix, eqs, dynamics, level setting) 
  • Loudspeaker(s) 
  • Room (acoustics, background noise) (the room hits you twice)
  • Listening person (hearing ability, language)

2 The Voice
  • The source
  • How much and where (directionality)
  • Wowels and consonants (speech and language)
  • Plosives (and microphones)

3 The Room
  • Size
  • Reverberation
  • Noise
  • Shape 

4 The Listener
  • >50% of us have less than perfect hearing…
  • Perceived loudness; about tonal balance 
  • Listener fatigue

5 Speech Intelligibility
  • Frequency range of interest
  • The importance of signal/noise 
  • Limiting factors

6 The Microphones
  • A transducer
  • Specs: sensitivity, directivity, selfnoise 
  • Mechanical issues (dimensions, mounting, etc.)

7 The Choice and Application of Microphones
  • What to choose?
  • Relevant types
  • Getting the speech and nothing but the speech
  • Isolating other microphones
  • Getting rid of mechanical vibrations
  • Getting rid of extreme plosives
8 Acoustic Measures
  • Background noise
  • Level
  • Frequency response
  • STI


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