Lil' AV Fest

Industry RiNo Station, Denver, CO
March 10, 2020
Come and join us at Lil' AV Fest.
Break Down of Event Activities

SoundGirls Organization Presentation (TBD)
More than AV Career Panel
  • Come and listen to women from all realms of the AV world talk and answer your questions about life in the industry and how they got where they are today.
  • Some of our panelists include:
  • Theresa Hernandez - Assistant Vice Chancellor - University of Denver
  • Maddie Daily - AV System Design Consultant - Theatre Projects
  • Jessica Washburn - Service Delivery Manager - AVI-SPL
  • Anna Frick - Mastering Engineer - Airshow Mastering
  • Brooke Walters - Marketing Manager - Ford AV
Networking Lunch
  • After getting to meet our More than Audio Career Panelists enjoy lunch with them and mix and mingle with all of our attendees.
User-Centric Design Presentation
  • Maddie Daily and Chris Moore from Theatre Projects dig deep into what makes an AV system design stand out, by designing for the user experience and using the right tools.
Mic Intelligibility Workshop
  • Gabriel Antonini from DPA Microphones dives into what it takes to Mic live vocals and instruments in a performance atmosphere and a "Mic the Band" workshop where we will live mic and mix down a band to play us out!

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