McMaster University
September 19, 2017
Join us for a full-day of learning, demoing, knowledge-sharing & networking with some of the biggest and best-known experts in sound design, audio engineering and miking techniques.
The Program

Before lunch:
  • DPA mics in general, speech intelligibility, bodyworn mics with Bo Brinck 

After lunch:
  • Theatrical sound design with Michael Laird.
  • Music/Instrument miking techniques recording/live with Donal Hodgson
  • Hands-on demonstration of music miking techniques with Bo Brinck and Donal Hodgson
This full-day masterclass will be full of fun as well as learning. The morning hours will be spent in the company of Bo Brinck. Bo will present some theoretical information about DPA mics and their usage, specific focus will be placed on ensuring clear vocals and high speech intelligibility. He will also present DPA's product portfolio, including DPA's miniature bodyworn microphones.

After a delicious catered lunch, Michael Laird and Donal Hodgson will be the special guests. Michael will be talking about his theatrical sound design experiences. Donal will take us through his special tips & tricks on live music / instrument miking before giving a hands-on demonstration of miking techniques together with Bo Brinck. 

The day ends with a raffle of a d:vice™ LAVALIER KIT, the opportunity to network with attendees, the speakers and, of course, the hosts Gerr Audio and DPA Microphones HQ from Denmark.

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