Cultural Center of Spain
May 15, 2018
In cooperation with our authorized Hi-Tech Audio distributor, we would like you to join us for a full-day of learning, demoing, knowledge-sharing & networking with some of the biggest and best-known experts in the recording and live music industry, microphone technology and acoustics.

May 15, 2018
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Cultural Center of Spain
Republic of Guatamala 18 
Mexico City, Mexico 

The experts
– Donal Hodgson, Sound engineer, Mixer, Pro Tools Expert.
– Paul Andrews, Engineer, Owner of Bridge Recording Studios, Global Support / Commercial Development Manager for Microphones DPA
– Salvador Castañeda Valdés, Educator and Studio Engineer 
– Rudy Rosales Cuellar, Live Sound Engineer
– Humberto Terán Calderón, Recording Engineer

The program

Morning session:
– Speech intelligibility / Microphone technology - omnidirectional microphones - Paul Andrews
– Microphone technology - Directional microphones - Paul Andrews
– DPA makes me smile - Rudy Rosales Cuéllar
– The language of the microphones - Salvador Castañeda Valdés
– Recording / FOH - Humberto Terán Calderón

Afternoon session:
– My career in music recording and live shows - Donal Hodgson
– Practical demonstration of microphones with different instruments - Donal Hodgson and Paul Andrews

Donal Hodgson and Paul Andrews will present in English with a simultaneous translation system that will be available. All other presentations will be in Spanish.

This master class of a full day will be fun and full of learning.

The morning hours will be spent in the company of Paul Andrews, Rudy Rosales Cuellar, Salvador Castañeda Valdés and Humberto Terán Calderón. Paul will present theoretical information about DPA microphones and their use. The specific focus will be on techniques to ensure clear voices and speech intelligibility. Paul will also briefly present the portfolio of DPA products, including miniature microphones. Rudy, Salvador and Humberto will share their experiences of various audio applications.

After lunch, Donal Hodgson will be the special guest. Donal will tell stories of his many years of recording for Sting and other artists. Paul and Donal will give a practical demonstration of microphone techniques in various instruments.

The day will end with the opportunity to network with attendees, presenters and of course, the staff of Hi-Tech Audio and DPA Microphones.

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