America's Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, USA
March 9-11, 2017
Visit us at booth #1500 and get the DPA Experience. Find more information about USITT here

DPA Microphones will be highlighting its line of d:screet™ Miniature, d:fine™ Headset and d:vote™ Instrument Microphones at this year’s United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) convention (Booth 1500). Company representatives will also be on hand to discuss the various trade up options for those looking to upgrade their sound quality with DPA microphones.

“We are thrilled to come back to USITT this year,” says Christopher Spahr, VP of sales and marketing for DPA Microphones, Inc. “Our goal is to bring convenient and easy-to-use microphones to the theatre market, while providing our customers with high-quality sound and customer service. The solutions we offer are easy-to-conceal and make the process of miking talent a breeze. DPA gives sound designers on and off Broadway the necessary tools to get the job done.”  

DPA’s d:screet™ Miniature Microphones are touted as excellent speech and vocal microphones by many industry veterans. The company’s d:screet™ series of microphones are also ideal in situations where the talent requires flexibility of movement or when mics need to be cleverly concealed, which is often the case in theatre applications. With very low noise and an extremely high sensitivity, d:screet™ Miniature Microphones offer the most clear, transparent and natural sound, as the mics are capable of handling up to 154dB peak before clipping. With a linear response, low distortion and an extremely large dynamic range, d:screet™ Miniature Microphones sound great no matter the application.

The d:fine™ Headset Microphone encompasses best-in-class capsules and a high-quality mechanical design that has catapulted DPA’s headset microphones into the spotlight. The d:fine™ 88 Directional Headset Microphone and the d:fine™ 66 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone combine the legendary sound of the 4088 Directional Capsule and the 4066 Omnidirectional Capsule respectively, with the lightweight and flexible d:fine™ Headset system. The d:fine™ mics offer accurate and natural voice intelligibility and very high-SPL capabilities; users can both speak and sing into the mic with no hint of distortion. Coupled with an easy-to-use mounting system, the d:fine™ headsets give performers freedom to move all over the stage.

DPA’s award-winning d:vote™ Instrument Microphone is one of the most natural-sounding microphone solutions available today. The d:vote™ is a supercardioid condenser microphone that provides superior natural sound with high SPL and exceptional gain-before-feedback. It also comes with a detachable cable and a versatile gooseneck extender, which further enhances its adaptability. The full line of available mounts and accessories are flexible, easy-to-use and have a gentle casing to prevent marring of the instrument. The d:vote™ mic is designed to sound impressive during any performance – from rock-and-roll to classic orchestras and everything in between. 


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