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Join our workshops and learn techniques to solve any microphone challenge

With the fast pace changes in technology and demands of live sound events, it’s easy to lose sight of the message and meaning behind a worship service. Join us as DPA Microphones' team of audio experts share their experience on how to get the best sound for the best message. Learn techniques to solve any microphone challenge.

What you will learn

Learn best practices on miking drums, vocals and more. See and hear the entire line of DPA Microphones, including our brand new subminiature line of headset and lavalier microphones. We will have a mic shootout to let your ears decide!

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About the guests

Chris McMillan has 20+ years experience in church and touring production/management. He recently finished a 4-year run handling live production and mixing for John Mark McMillan.

Paul Andrews is a DPA’s National Sales Support Specialist and will be on hand to demonstrate techniques and solutions for all worship and presentation situations. A veteran of the music industry; Paul has worked with a diversity of talent from Country to Rock to Big Band and Orchestral.

Dates and locations

Currently we have an event in Grapevine, Texas on March 5 but we will be adding several new dates and locations soon. Make sure to check back or get in touch if you wish for the tour to stop by your church.

March 5, Grapevine, TX - Church at the Cross

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In operation, both the omni and directional headsets sound natural even before any equalization, and deliver impressive level without feedback, even when the user is positioned relatively close to a loudspeaker cluster.
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House of worship with DPA Microphones

House of worship with DPA Microphones

House of worship with DPA Microphones

House of worship with DPA Microphones

House of worship with DPA Microphones
New equipment day is always a cause for excitement for the techies and gearheads around the office but we were really satisfied with the comfort, adjustability and performance of our current product so I was a bit skeptical that anything would outperform what we had in all the areas that were important to us. I was wrong.
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