d:screet Omni Necklace – yes, a microphone as a fashion accessory."/>


Alistar McGhee gets his hands on a mic that's simple enough for reality TV contestants to use, but still offers excellent sound quality.
In the topsy-turvy world of global capitalism you can never take anything for granted. Take personal mics, for instance. When I was a nipper Sony ruled the roost, the ECM was the Hoover or the Kodak of the market, synonymous with the very idea of a personal mic. I spent many a happy hour fiddling with ECMs, clips and ties back in the day, and I jokingly used to say: “I wish Sony would make a tie with a built in mic, make my life much easier.” Sadly, Sony wasn’t listening and the world was spared the literal ‘tie-mic’. However, many moons later, DPA, (which is now synonymous with high-quality personal mics) has come up with an idea not a million miles away from a ‘neck-worn’ microphone. The DPA d:screet Omni Necklace – yes, a microphone as a fashion accessory.


So do you need one? Well the necklace is a one-trick pony, but it’s a good trick. You are getting the highest quality personal mic in a simple-to-fit package. If I was getting booked for 12 weeks of reality TV with eight radios and no provision for audio staff ‘on the floor’ for the whole shoot, I would be ordering mine now.

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