Be prepared to hear what your instrument really sounds like!
By Simon Allen, Audio Media, March 2011

DPA has done so well with these microphones that some will not appreciate the brilliant truth of the sound, especially the musicians themselves. They will be looking for the ‘amplified’ feel that they are used to even if what they like isn’t ‘correct’, so might not be able to appreciate the excellence of the d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones. Blending a pick-up sound with these microphones will help for some and also aid in providing even more gain before feedback and a tighter sound.

Conclusion I am really impressed with these mics. There are many basic principles employed by the 4099 clip microphone series that are presented in a very well thought-out product that gives a great result. The 4099 has that well known DPA sound, and fits right in on DPA’s product list with many accessories and options to suit a huge range of instruments and players.

The sound is very clean and easy to use with a very finished feel before post production or processing. Positioning of the mic is crucial but this should be viewed positively to allow you to find your sound. This is a product that you can work with, not a product that will work you as a musician or an engineer. Be prepared to hear what your instrument really sounds like!


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