Its full-range, uncolored frequency response captures an accurate picture of the instrument. "/>


Church Production Magazine's Gary Parks checked out our new d:vote™ CORE 4099.
"I was able to detect a slightly lower noise floor with the Core version (from an already very quiet starting place) and noticeably more “openness” to the sound quality of the instrument. The instrument sounded more natural, “acoustic,” with less of the perception that it was being amplified. The subtleties of fingerpicking and strumming came through, highlighting the dynamics, attack, and the harmonic overtones of the guitar. Both versions of the d:vote™ 4099 mic have a tight supercardioid pattern, and when closely positioned, accurately capture the sound of the instrument at that particular point. 

(...) Another advantage of this microphone system is that it is affixed to the instrument, so that the performer’s movements will not affect the level or frequency response of the signal. The mic remains focused on the same spot whether they’re standing, turning, or otherwise in motion.

(...) All in all, the DPA d:vote™ 4099 microphone is an excellent performer, and a fine solution for getting natural, detailed sound from acoustic instruments. Its full-range, uncolored frequency response captures an accurate picture of the instrument that can then be further shaped as needed by the audio engineer. And because it is unobtrusively attached to the instrument, the level and audio quality remains consistent throughout the performance. Orienting the mic and the performer so that the mic’s nulls interact with the main and monitor speakers, plus the judicious use of notch filters to attenuate any feedback ringing, will allow the maximum output level in live applications."

(Gary Parks, Church Production Magazine)

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