Company’s d:vote™ 4099 Instrument and d:fine™ Headset Microphones minimize EQ efforts during worship and provide clear audio for online congregation
Compass Bible Church serves its active congregation of 3,000 people almost every day of the week with bible study groups, Sunday school and several mid-week and weekend services. In order to accommodate this busy schedule, the church’s audio staff needs reliable audio equipment, such as the DPA Microphones’ d:vote™ 4099 Instrument and d:fine™ Headset Microphones. With this arrangement, the team can ensure that each sermon is delivered clearly to both the congregation and the extended community, which includes a live online stream through Live Stream as well as listeners to one of the hundreds of Focal Point Radio stations.

Supplied by CCI Solution, a HOW integrator based in Washington, the d:vote™ 4099s provide the perfect mount to properly close-mic the violin and drum kit used during worship, while the d:fine™ is the ideal audio solution for the lead and associate pastors. Selected by Jon Lillie, Audio/Visual/Lighting Director at Compass Bible Church, on recommendation by fellow church engineers, the mics have become a staple at the church. The d:vote™ Mics are especially favored as their unique, lightweight body and mounting options, which are available for almost all acoustic and woodwind instruments, continuously fit the needs of the Compass Bible worship band.

“With the mounting system, it’s so easy to use the d:vote™ 4099 for the violin as the mic always ends up right where I want it,” says Jon. “I also use the d:vote™ 4099 to mic the drum kit because it is very responsive. It works really well with the toms and doesn’t pick up too much of the overheads. What it does pick up really accents the sound nicely and the EQ response is perfect for the violin.”

Jon’s fondness for the d:vote™ 4099s led to the church’s purchase of a d:fine™ Headset Mic for Lead Pastor Mike Fabarez. The reputation of the quality and comfort of the d:fine™ Mics soon spread and it wasn’t long before every pastor at Compass Bible was using the mics. This was also ideal for Jon who enjoys ease-of-setup and flat response of the mics compared to his previous solutions.

“The mics are high-quality and don’t require a lot of gain, so their feedback resistance is great,” adds Jon. “When I listen to the individual on the microphone, I find that the EQ response is a lot flatter, which makes it sound as though the pastors are speaking face-to-face to each member of the congregation. I also like that the d:fine™ is so light and comfortable; people forget they are wearing them.”

In the future, Jon hopes to continue to add to the church’s inventory of DPA products, with the company’s podium microphone next on his wish list.

Compass Bible Church, a non-denominational organization, was established in 2006 with a contemporary worship style led by Senior Pastor Mike Fabarez. The church offers a variety of programs from traditional missions and Sunday school offered to adolescents and adults, in addition to modern worship groups such as Navigating Motherhood and Compass Singles 40+ Ministries.


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