Company’s d:fine™ Trade-Up Promotion Currently Underway
DPA Microphones presents its new d:fine™ 66 and d:fine™ 88 Miniature Headset Microphones for the first time at WFX 2014 (Booth 1016). Ideal for house of worship leaders needing to move freely about the pulpit without obstructions from a handheld mic or mic stand, the d:fine™ 66 and d:fine™ 88 have joined the company’s d:fine™ Headset Microphone family, which will also be on display throughout the show.

DPA Microphones d:fine Headset Microphones were designed to meet a specific market demand, which in turn created a new niche of DPA headset users that did not affect the popularity of the original 4066 and 4088s. The new DPA d:fine™ 66 Omnidirectional and d:fine™ 88 Directional Headset Microphones come as a result of a growing need for durable body worn microphone solutions with excellent sound reproduction and sturdy casing for stringent use in live environments. With several options available in the line, the d:fine™ Headset Microphone Series now address every variety of sound handling and size options, depending on the intended application.

The new DPA d:fine™ 66 and d:fine 88, which are recognized by their rounded capsules, are intended for users who require optimal sound and grid cleaning/changing options. With a contemporary look and classic sound, the d:fine 66 and d:fine™ 88 combines the 4066 Omni and 4088 Cardioid microphone capsules with features of the modern d:fine headsets, such as an advanced mount and flexible ear hooks.

Featuring a total of four capsules – two omnis and two cardioids – as both single- and dual-ear mounts, the complete d:fine™ Headset Microphones Series raises the bar for head-worn microphone solutions. Offering industry-leading sound quality, the mics are ideal for singers, public speakers, actors, musicians, house of worship leaders and broadcast professionals who insist on superior voice reproduction, comfort, ease of setup and a discreet look. They are also available in black, brown and beige with a variety of boom lengths and adapters for every professional wireless system.


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