Company’s d:fine™ Headset Microphone provides corporate miking needs.
Webb Audio Visual (Webb A/V) plans and executes large-scale corporate events in exhibit halls and arenas for Fortune 500 companies. With 60 years of experience, the company has developed a strong reputation for professionalism. To ensure every event presentation is flawless, Trevor Young, head of audio at Webb A/V, relies on DPA Microphones’ d:fine™ Dual-ear Directional Headset Microphone, which offers a comfortable and dependable audio solution.

“I always liked and respected DPA Microphones; I knew they made excellent products,” says Young. “There’s a local church in town that uses the company’s d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones for its symphony orchestra, so I have always known that DPA mics sound great. I didn’t get my hands on one until a little over a year ago, when I finally tried my colleague’s d:fine™ and it sounded incredible.”

Today, Webb A/V has 12 d:fine™ microphones in its inventory, which are often in high-demand for events. “I have the whole company fighting over who gets to use the d:fine™,” continues Young. “We’ve all noticed the great advantages of DPA. For one, the d:fine™ is super lightweight and comfortable, we’ve actually had several presenters forget that they had the mic on and had to chase them down to get it back. We also loved that, compared to competitor headsets, you don’t have to use tape to keep the mic from moving, which makes our presenters happy and more likely to use headsets over a lavalier.”

In the future, Young plans to add more d:fine™ Headset mics to the Webb A/V collection, in addition to a variety of DPA’s other mic options. “In an environment where we aim to please CEOs, ensuring that they are comfortable and love the way the mic feels is a big advantage for us. They also make the presenters sound fantastic and, while most of them don’t notice a sonic difference on stage, the audience can. I’ve had several of my A2s comment that it’s the closest they have ever heard a headset mic to sounding like a hardwired microphone. The gain-before-feedback and the sonic quality are far superior.”

In the corporate world with Webb A/V for three years, Young began his career in concert touring and has thereby gained a profound experience of acoustic microphones.


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