d:dicate™ 4003 employed at famous Skywalker Sound during recording session with Nicholas Phan.
As one of the world’s most respected classical music and acoustic recording producers, Marlan Barry takes the time to understand each individual's or ensemble's approach to music making. Barry brings a dedicated commitment to detail, a comprehensive knowledge of the classical and contemporary repertoire and a history of critically acclaimed recordings to every session. Barry recently turned to DPA Microphones’ d:dicate™ 4003 Omnidirectional Microphone, 130 V, for his work with celebrated lyric tenor Nicholas Phan for his new album, Gods & Monsters, recorded at Skywalker Sound.

“I was first introduced to DPA when it was formerly known as B&K while training at the Cleveland Institute of Music by Thomas Knab, the head of the recording department, who just passed away this year, and by Jack Renner, 11-time Grammy® Award winner, and co-owner and chief recording engineer for Telarc,” says Barry. “I did a lot of orchestral recording with several different DPA microphones. Both Tom and Jack remain two of my biggest recording influences to this day. From that point, a colleague introduced me to the d:dicate™ 4003, which is the high-voltage model of the d:dicate™ 4006, and I just loved it. Whenever I use this mic, it gives an exceptionally clear picture of whatever source is in front of it, as was the case with Nicholas Phan’s newest album.”

Recorded at Skywalker Sound, Gods & Monsters features a collaboration between Phan and pianist Myra Huang. “The biggest challenge at Skywalker Sound is having to choose between almost any microphone that was ever made, which can be disconcerting and overwhelming,” says Barry. “The mic locker at Skywalker is insane. Nonetheless, I chose two d:dicate™ 4003’s as my main pair for their clarity, transient response, openness and flawless sound. With the 4003, I like how there is no coloration whatsoever and how the high-quality voltage option extends the frequency response of the microphone more than I thought was possible. I wanted something as clear and as open as possible for a main stereo picture and I got just that with the d:dicate 4003. A special thanks to Dann Thompson, Leslie Ann Jones and the rest of the amazing crew at Skywalker for making my experience there such a joy. The album sounds absolutely amazing.”
In addition to Gods & Monsters, Barry also just recently finished recording a project for a major European label with the Trinity Wall Street Choir and Baroque Orchestra where d:dicate™ 4003s also served as his main pair of mics. “DPA’s d:dicate™ 4003 will always be an option for me. I have several different microphones and the d:dicate™ 4003s are without a doubt among my new favorite, go-to solutions.” 

Marlan Barry specializes in orchestral, chamber, operatic, electro-acoustic and jazz recordings. In addition to recording and producing acclaimed musicians, chamber groups and orchestras in New York and Tri-State metropolitan area, Marlan served as the head recording engineer and musical producer for Houston Grand Opera, producing its commercial releases and national radio broadcasts for 15 years. Barry travels all over the country recording musicians, produces and engineers for many different major labels, including Deutsche Grammophon, Naxos, Avie, Virgin, Albany Records and many more. He recently assumed the recording and post-production responsibilities for The Orchestra Now main concert series, as well as The Bard Music Festival at the Frank Gehry designed Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.


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