DPA Microphones is pleased to announce that it has named Equaphon Sistemas de Sonido SRL as its new distributor in the Argentina market.
Equaphon designs, develops and manufactures international-quality sound products, and represents the best international brands in professional audio. At the same time, the company guarantees all its products: the ones designed and manufactured in Argentina and abroad, as well as the products of the companies it represents.

“The expansion of DPA’s products into markets all over the world is an important part of the company’s strategy for future growth, and we are pleased to name Equaphon as our new distributor in Argentina,” says Leonardo Romero, Sales Director, Latin America for DPA Microphones. “This agreement brings together two companies that are both recognized for their high-quality craftsmanship, reliability and exemplary customer service. Equaphon will undoubtedly present DPA’s products in the best light possible. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.” 

Under the agreement, Equaphon will begin training its technical advisers to familiarize themselves with DPA’s line of products. Once training is complete, Equaphon will hold several seminars and presentations to its customers to demonstrate the power and capabilities of DPA’s microphones.  

“Equaphon shares the same values, innovation, support and technical advisement, extreme customer orientation and quality assurance with DPA, and we are very excited to add the company’s highly acclaimed products to our inventory,” says Carlos Maiocchi, Managing Director, Equaphon. “We have a vast distribution network throughout the region that is able to reach all areas of Argentina, which in turn gives Equaphon the opportunity to offer top brands like DPA to both new and existing customers.”


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