Large Custom DPA Microphone Packages Deliver Transparent, Natural Sound For Tour Engineers.
When global music superstars Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull hit the road in 2014-2015 for their first co-headlining tour, it was a huge success. So much so, that they decided to do it again. This time, when the two multi-platinum selling, Grammy® Award-winning artists set out for their 2017 Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Live! tour, they were joined onstage by DPA microphones.

While both singers use an abundance of DPA mics for each of their performances, the decision to use DPA was made separately by each of the singers’ sound engineers. Enrique’s Monitor Engineer Eddie “El Brujo” Caipo and FOH Engineer Brad Divens chose DPA because it solved their need for a road worthy, high-quality and natural sounding microphone. Pitbull’s FOH Engineer Will (Chilly Willy) Madera was also impressed when he heard DPA’s sound quality, and knew he had to have them on tour as well. In total, there are close to 60 DPA microphones in use during any show on the tour. 

“We’ve been with DPA for a little over a year and realized right away how amazing they were,” says Caipo. “With DPA, we found that natural sound we were looking for. For that reason, we only use a minimal amount of equalization to tailor the sound of the instrument, not the microphone.”
For Enrique’s show, Caipo and Divens rely on 28 DPA mics. The team deploys seven d:dicate™ 2011C Compact Twin Diaphragm Cardioid mics, 16 d:vote™ 4099 Instrument mics, one d:screet™ 4061 Omnidirectional mic and four d:facto™ 4018V Supercardiod mic capsules on Shure wireless transmitters.

“On the previous tour, we introduced the d:dicateTM 2011C and d:voteTM 4099 on percussion with incredible results,” adds Caipo. “Then, we tried the d:factoTM 4018 capsule on our background singers, and Brad and I were blown away. It eliminated about 40 percent of the percussion leakage. On this tour, we were determined to have Enrique try it as well. The results could not have been better. Enrique loved the mic and so did we. From a monitor mix stand point, it cleaned up his mix considerably, as well as made his vocal balance in his mix more focused. From a FOH stand point, it removed the ambient noise and allowed Brad to have Enrique’s vocal sit in the mix without a lot of extra processing involved.”

Madera was turned on to DPA after a visit from company Sales Director Leonardo Romero at his studio. For Madera, it was truly indescribable how transparent each microphone was in representing the true sound of each individual instrument. 
“My first experience with DPA mics was in late 2016 for Pitbull’s Time of Our Lives Las Vegas residency,” says Madera. “I fell in love with DPA and the natural sound it brings immediately. Our second experience was in my studio for Pitbull’s 2016 New Year’s Eve Revolution recording where I used all DPA microphones to record. Since that day, I was hooked. DPA has helped me create the sound I have always looked for.”

Madera also brings 26 DPA mics to the stage for Pitbull’s shows. In all, he uses 20 d:voteTM 4099’s and six d:dicateTM 2011C’s, including a setup on the drums. ”Using the d:dicateTM 2011C on the kick drum brings a certain air and punch that you feel right away,” he says. “The d:dicateTM 2011C on the snare brings a different characteristic and warmth to the sound that really cuts through the mix. The d:voteTM 4099 is my secret weapon on percussion. On congas, it gives me the true dynamics of the instrument with only a high pass. The band noticed an immediate change with DPA. Mixing and matching the microphones, I was able to achieve a true, impactful sound.”

As the tour makes its way across North America, DPA continues to hold up to the tour’s rigorous demands while delivering unrivaled sound quality. “Even though they are surrounded by pyrotechnics and flames, our DPA microphones perform flawlessly night after night,” says Caipo. “I couldn’t imagine using anything else.”

Madera echoes Caipo’s sentiments. “I love DPA,” he says. “It has made a huge difference in my workflow and has changed my FOH mix. It helps me recreate my ‘Chilly Willy’ sound.”


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