Lighting & Sound America's Mark Johnson takes a closer look at d:vote™ CORE 4099.
"In the world of high technology, the incremental innovation and improvement of products is standard operating procedure. Many high-tech products receive regular firmware updates that increase functionality, improve specs, or add features. While this is common- place in the electronics world, it’s not so prevalent in microphone design and manufacturing. Typically, a manufacturer will come out with a new mic, but not necessarily an update to an existing model or line. Enter DPA...

(...) While, basically, the parameters of two specifications have been improved, to be able to make this much of an improvement is significant. And to make the improvement to an established product line is a bold move. My hat is off to DPA for not settling—the legacy version was pretty darn good—and its continued search for ways to develop and implement technological advancements in microphone design and manufacturing."

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