"The MMA-A makes recording on the go an absolute dream." (Mike Hillier, MusicTech Magazine)"/>


"The MMA-A makes recording on the go an absolute dream."
"You really feel as if you can hear the wood of the guitar itself straining at the louder chords, and embellishing the lighter touches. A little additional small room reverb to place the tone in a space would go down wonders, but the signal that we’ve captured is stunning.

(...) To wrap up our test, we also experimented with various unusual field mic’ing options. Clipping the 4060 to a radiator and recording the resulting sound as we tapped on various pipes. We even took the 4060 and 4099 for a walk, and recorded various street sounds directly to our iPhone, combining the super-cardioid and omni mics to get the best result for each sound we passed.

This is where the d:vice™ MMA-A surpasses the competition. Field recordists are going to want to be first in line for this, as well as anyone working in TV or film who needs instant recording options on the go without the weight of a larger portable recorder."

(Mike Hillier, MusicTech Magazine)

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