And gives it a 3.8 star rating (out of 4), which qualifies for one of their Wish I Had One awards."/>


dpa-dvote-wiho.jpg tests d:vote™ CORE 4099 Loud SPL and gives it a 3.8 star rating (out of 4), which qualifies for one of their Wish I Had One awards.'s Dominic Guss set out to test d:vote™ CORE 4099 Loud SPL on a variety of instruments and come to these conclusions:

"In classic DPA fashion, the overall sound is very neutral and faithful to the original source, thus becoming a decidedly sought-after, compact, high-end utility mic suitable for a wide variety of miking scenarios both live AND in the studio.

(...) We found that the d:vote CORE 4099s required comparatively less EQ around the kit than some other mics stocked in our mic locker, thereby retaining much of the 4099’s uniform off-axis response. This equates to more natural bleed coming into the mics, which means better sounding drum mixes overall.

(...) The guitar now sounded like a real acoustic: natural, woody, and full sounding, completely devoid of that typical twangy, tinny, harsh sound often heard from acoustic guitars with onboard electronics. While considering proper monitor placement, feedback was never an issue when playing in close proximity to a live drummer.

(...) ​Even when not considering the high usability that the d:vote CORE 4099 provides due to its compact size and plentiful mounting options, the combination of its faithful neutrality, high level of detail, wide dynamic capability, and smooth off-axis response coupled with its supercardioid polar pattern, make this mic a Jack of all trades for live sound. It is one of those mics that will always get used."

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