"This mic simply makes engineering easier." (Will Severin, Tape Op)"/>


"Bottom line; with the marriage of the d:vote CORE 4099's great sound and noise rejection, this mic simply makes engineering easier."
For once, let's begin with the ending. The above quote is actually the closing statement from Tape Op Magazine's review of d:vote™ CORE 4099.

But before reaching this conclusion, one of the main points that the reviewer made clear was the fact that the fixed position of the microphone on the instrument allowed for a very consistent sound - even when moving around: 

"The mounting bracket allows for lot of flexibility in positioning the mic, which really takes the artist into consideration. Once you get your position with the gooseneck set, you're good to go. I like to move around a fair amount when playing, so it was great that the sound never changed (as the mic position remained the same). In a live setting, the mounted mic was very freeing; it never folded and remained clear even when bashing away on the strings.

(...) For instrumentalists, the d:vote™ CORE 4099 is a great investment. It offers wonderfully accurate sound reproduction while moving with the player rather than holding them hostage to a mic stand."

(Will Severin, Tape Op Magazine)

Read the full review here... 


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