have been working in Professional Audio for the past 10 years.

I have been working in Professional Audio for the past 10 years. I primarily work with House of Worship applications in both a Live and Broadcast/Recording capacity. 

I also collaborate with several universities to identify and solve various audio related challenges they face in a live recording environment.

Career Highlights

  • FOH Engineer for local festivals.
  • Recording Engineer for associated touring choirs and ensembles totaling five years of repertoire.
  • Systems Engineer for local venues, focusing on HoW solutions.

Favorite DPA Microphones

4006TL - Mains for Orchestral recording.
4011 - Spot mic for Acoustic Guitars, Harp, Strings
4053 - Discrete Piano mic, low profile hanging main pair
4060 - Discrete spot mic for instruments or as a lapel mic
4099 - Strings, Drums, Piano
2011 - Snare, Drum Overheads, Percussion, General use spot mic
4003 - Fantastic results recording a Choir in a huge space
4018VL - Excellent results with nearly every voice

Contact information

Daniel Rafuse
Audio Engineer
Grand Terrace, United States

Profile information

Segments: House of Worship

Speaks: English

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