I've been mixing front of house (and sometimes monitors) since age 15.

I am self taught because in those days, the internet didn't exist and libraries didn't have books on audio engineering. I mainly mix FOH and live for radio broadcast.
For the last 14 years I've also worked for the local DPA distributor, trying to pass on the "wisdom".


Career Highlights

FOH for Belgian bands mainly: The Sore Losers, Zornik, Lalalover, Nona Mez, Kowzi, etc.

Favorite DPA Microphones

The 4015A is my favorite for overheads, acoustic instruments etc. because it has a bit more proximity effect than the 4011, and a wider pickup pattern. It kind of takes the best of omni and cardio in one mic.
The 4018VL  is another favorite, it sounds great with every vocal and band I've tried it on and because the spill sounds flat too, no more fighting stage volume. I just let them have fun on stage and use the leakage for added ambience and excitement.

Contact information

Dany Meeuwissen
Live Engineer
Amptec - Fenderbender
Hasselt, Belgium

Profile information

Segments: PA/Rental

Speaks: Dutch, English, French

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