Recording, mixing and live sound since 1990, based in Santiago de Chile working with rock, pop, reggae , hip-hop bands in studio and live sound.

Some credits:
Los Prisioneros, Los Tres, Los Bunkers, La Ley ,Chancho en Piedra, Los Tetas, Café Tacuva, Initi Illimani Histórico, Los Vasquez, Angeles Negros, Francisca Valenzuela, Jorge González, Electrodomésticos, Pettinelis,Tiro de Gracia, 31 minutos, Gondwana, Joe Vasconcellos, Gepe, Manuel García and many more.


Career highlights

Recording and mixing engineer since 1990 with most of chilean rock and pop bands.

Working in live recording and broadcast mix for:
Festival de Viña, Festival de Olmué, Festival Maquinaria, Lollapalooza Festival, Día de la Música, and many other festivals in Chile.

Live FOH in some international festivals:
Lollapalooza Chicago, Lollapalooza Brasil, Vive Latino México, Corona Capital México, Personal Fest. Buenos Aires, Rock Al Parque Colombia, Expo Shangai China, Fest. Lemon Pop Murcia España, Dcode Madrid España, etc.

Favorite DPA Microphones

My favourite DPA mic is the 4099 Instrument Microphone, this is mis is the most versatile for classic instruments like strings ( violin, viola, cello, doublebass) piano, accordion and also is great for snare, toms , congas, etc. his natural sound and his accessories work perfect in all applications from classical to rock!

Contact information

CHT Estudios
Gonzalo Gonzalez E.
Live engineer
Santiago, Chile

Profile information

Segments: Recording / Studio
Speaks: English and Spanish

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