I meet and work with artists of many colors – jazz cats, mellow singer/songwriters, glamorous pop divas and classical virtuosos.

And they all want to transmit that same energy, those same feelings of purity, originality, tradition and non-tradition. I help them in their mission.  

Some of them are lost – far away from home, from themselves. On a rope with a safety net underneath. If I’m so fortunate that they trust me with themselves, I destroy their net and push them into the unknown, where magic lies.  
I believe every human being, every musician is unique; but only to the extent they’re able to turn themselves inside out in front of the world, their audience.

Career highlights

I have a company called ToneArt. That umbrella covers many things, like a mixing studio and a record lable etc.  

Working live and in the studio, I have among other things worked with:
  • Nikolaj Hess 
  • Hess Is More 
  • Spacelab 
  • Macy Gray 
  • Copenhagen Phil 
  • Wayne Shorter 
  • Bremer/McCoy 
  • Per Nørgård 
  • Mathias Heise 
  • Afenginn

Favorite DPA Microphones

  • 4006 for everything. 
  • Always have a  4060 in your pocket. 
  • 2011 on snare is THE BOMB. 
  • 4041 is going to be my next best friend for acoustic recordings.

Contact information

Jonas Nakel,Tonmeister
company: ToneArt
Copenhagen, Denmark 

Profile information

Segments: Recording/Studio

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