I started out as an intern at local recording studio in Denver while studying classical guitar at Denver University when I was 17.

This would eventually take me to working in studios such as A&M Records, Capitol Studios, La Fabrique, West Viking, Gateway Mastering among others. I currently own Bridge Studios in Longmont Colorado where we record everything from Children's Choir to Jazz to Punk, and everything in-between.


Career highlights

Engineered Live Sound for the Victor Wooten Band at CSU

Recorded/Edited/Mixed/Mastered over 250 songs for Flatirons Community Church during 2015, resulting in over 500,000 online views

Oversaw the 2015 Easter and Christmas weekend services at Flatirons Community Church as Technical Lead, as well as recorded/edited/mixed/mastered all audio content - Consisting of ten services and almost 60,000 people in attendance combined

Received Certificate of Completion from the "In the Studio with Bruce Swedien" Critical Listening Class at West Viking Studios, as well as, "Mixing with the Masters" at Studio La Fabrique with Al Schmitt

Was offered to design and oversee construction as Project Manager for the Rose Morris Music Center Recording Studio - London, England

Received scholarship in classical guitar to Denver University

Nominated for “Regional Emmy Award” for the KCNC Channel 4 "Storm Center Song"

Favorite DPA Microphones

I love using the 4006-TL's as flanks for orchestral recordings, choral work, and overheads on drums. The 4099's on live saxophone and on toms in the studio are also a beautiful thing.

Contact information

Bridge Studios
Paul Andrews
Recording Engineer
Longmont, United States of America

Profile information

Segments:PA / Rental
Speaks: English, Dutch and French

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