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Instrument Microphone Clip for Drum (DC4099) - DPA Description Clip to connect a DPA 4099 Instrument Microphone to any type of drum. A revolutionary ‘90° ’ system provides a wide range of mounting options. By detaching the clip from the gooseneck and re-mounting it turned 90°, the number of mic positions is doubled. For the bass drum, the Instrument VC4099 Clip fits perfect on the rim.
Instrument Microphones for drums, guitar, piano, sax & more - DPA Our instrument condenser microphones 4099 Instrument Mic The award-winning 4099 Series, gives you a much more natural sound than any clip-on microphone or pickup. This condenser microphone rejects unwanted noise and accurately captures the true voice of your acoustic instrument. Read more and configure your mic 4055 Kick Drum Mic
DPA Microphones Win Popolski Family Approval DPA MICROPHONES APPROVED BY WIN POPOLSKI FAMILY This popular German cabaret act is using d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones to capture the sound of its accordion player and brass section.
High SPL - Why Use DPA Condenser Microphones for Live? The 4099 Instrument Microphone series, too, is a great solution for high-SPL instruments. Capable of handling extremely high sound pressure levels, the 4099D for drum and percussion and 4099T for brass are flexible, wireless compatible and easily positioned. Dependable workhorses DPA microphones are built to last.
Church Production Magazine review d:vote™ Instrument Microphones - DPA The 4099 is a compact super cardioid condenser microphone; its small and sleek design is useful in tight situations. Atop a small, 5.5-inch, gooseneck rests the capsule, which has a shock mount and windscreen. The cable, thin by any means, comes in 2.2mm (designed for upright bass) and 1.6mm (designed for handheld instruments).
Pro-audio microphones - DPA Microphones DPA Microphones, Inc. 1500 Kansas Avenue, Unit 3A Longmont, CO 80501 USA
Cal Baptist’s Prestigious Collinsworth School of Music ... - DPA Since implementation of the d:vote™ 4099 at the Collinsworth School of Music, DPA has released a new, upgraded version of the 4099, the d:vote ™ CORE 4099 Instrument Microphone. The CORE by DPA amplifier is a powerful new technology that brings more clarity and details to music across the entire dynamic range.
The Jonas Brothers Are Burnin’ Up with DPA Deployed primarily for percussion and vocals, the large collection of DPA mics on the tour included the 4011 Cardioid, 4099 CORE Instrument and 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid microphones for drums and percussion, as well as the d:facto™ 4018V Vocal microphone for backup and the d:facto™ 4018VL Vocal microphone for Kevin Jonas.
Emeli Sandé Rocks Out Her d:facto™ Vocal Microphone Albo adds that he now won’t go anywhere without his 3511ER kit or his large number of d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones, which he uses with various clips for all types of instruments. “The d:vote condenser mics are great because they sound fantastic and are perfect for all kinds of situations,” he says.
Lavalier Microphones - Wireless clip-on and lapel mics - DPA The 4080 Cardioid Mic is a lavalier that captures the human voice with an unusually high degree of definition. This mic offers maximum side rejection and excellent sonic focus on the subject. It is designed for broadcast, conference and other live performances both in the studio and in the field. Read more and configure your mic
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