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4099 Instrument Microphone - DPA Choose a 4099 CORE Instrument Microphone for Brass (4099-DC-2-199-T) for your trumpet, trombone and brass in general. Read more Bass The 4099 CORE for Loud SPL is the perfect mic solution for PA amplification and live recording of acoustic upright bass. It offers a sound that is considerably more natural than an internal microphone or pickup.
4099 manual 2012 - The d:voteTM 4099 clip microphone range features a modular design with many combinations of microphones, holders, cables and connectors. The microphones are available in two sensitivities: normal sensitivity for most instruments, low sensitivity for high-SPL handling of brass and drums (marked with a dot on the cuff).
d:vote™ CORE 4099 - the best instrument mic just got better The 4099 is already the recognized standard for this type of microphone and the CORE version adds just another layer of sound quality that further distances this mic from its competitors. 4099 CORE brings more clarity and details to your music, across the entire dynamic range. ... strings to woodwinds; brass to percussion, the 4099 Series ...
Instrument Microphone Clip for Sax and Trumpet (STC4099) Clip to connect a 4099 Instrument Microphone to a saxophone or trumpet. An innovative mounting mechanism makes it easy to move the microphone between instruments with one hand. The versatile gooseneck provides stable and repeatable positioning. The mics can be easily unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument.
4099 Touring Kit - DPA 4099 CORE Mic, Extreme SPL – used to close-mike extremely loud instruments, such as drums and some brass; The 4099 CORE also features an enhanced shock mount design, providing excellent isolation from handling noise and rumble. Detachable cables are available in heavy duty or lightweight versions, depending on the application – both are ...
How to mount the 4099 DPA clip-on instrument microphone The 4099 holds a supercardioid directionality and may end up creating an uneven timbre. Tip: Create as much distance as possible with the gooseneck and place the mic head above the bell. Twist it backwards to the instrument and point it towards the upper joint (the keys closest to the mouthpiece).
MICROPHONES DPA d:vote 4099G and d:vote 4099D Instrument ... 4099, except for the versions intended for very loud sound sources, such as trumpets and drums. The 4099 is a really small mic that is only about 5.4 mm in diameter, and a mere 45 mm long. This is great for stage use since they've visually unobtrusive. The 4099 series uses a small diaphragm pre-polarized condenser capsule with a
Instrument Microphone Clamp Mount (CM4099) Description Clamp mount to easily and quickly connect a DPA 4099 Instrument Microphone to many types of instruments, such as saxophones and brass instruments. The mounting mechanism makes it easy to move the mic between instruments with one hand.
d:vote™ CORE 4099 Instrument Microphones 4099-DC-2-199-T for Brass d:vote™ CORE 4099 Instrument Microphones. Specifications Directional characteristics Supercardioid Principle of operation Pressure gradient Cartridge type Pre-polarized condenser Frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz Frequency range, ±2 dB, 20 cm (7.9 in)
How to mic and record a snare drum - DPA For instrument mounted solutions and live use the 4062 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphone or 4099 Instrument Microphone for Brass are our best bets. Both can handle very high SPL’s (154/152dB). But whereas the omni will give you the most natural sound at low levels of amplification, the 4099T will give you much more isolation and a higher ...
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