The studio vibe
with DPA Microphones

Learn from recording pros at NAMM

Chock full of the best audio and recording equipment money can buy, Dynaudio's Unheard mobile studio has selected a wide range of untapped talent to record using DPA microphones during NAMM. And the best thing is YOU'RE invited to the entire event.

Be a part of the live audience able to watch 14, diverse up-and-coming talents work with award-winning US music producer, Ashley Shepherd. You'll hear it all – the tracks, the coaching, the advice, the small tips and tricks that few know, let alone master.

In addition, several educational sessions will be held – drum kit miking best practices, the basics of the entire sound chain and more. From miking experts to well-known sound engineers in film, music and broadcasting, get access to the knowledge from the best in the business.

The unheard story

Their sound is unique, just as their story. Some thrive on the live stage, touring small venues and enjoying local renown. Others have less experience but undeniable talent. Solo singer-songwriters. Hip hop duos. Indy rock bands. They all have one thing in common –

They need their big break.

DPA Microphones has joined forces with Dynaudio to give it to them.

The Unheard mobile studio kicked off at Smukfest 2018, one of Denmark’s biggest outdoor music festivals. You can find out more about what happened and who performed by visiting Dynaudio's Unheard page.