Recording Microphones
d:dicate™ Recording Microphones

The d:dicate™ series

The wide and versatile d:dicate™ Microphone series is legendary in the high-end recording and film production industry. Delivering clean, accurate sound, the mics in this series are used by professionals, who understand sound and insist on only using the best.
In situations where you need a mic you know can deliver in any recording situation, the d:dicate™ Microphone series is the one you should choose. Known worldwide as an industry standard in the recording branch, these mics offer absolutely amazing sound in virtually any situation. You can rely on them to give you the sound you need in the studio, concert halls, on the stage, close miked on a wide variety of musical instruments, or even in news, broadcast and sports situations, where top-quality sound is required.

The d:dicate™ Microphones

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Engineered for second-to-none sound

The capsule as well as preamplifier design promises linearity, low noise and low distortion in a huge dynamic range for use on stage in broadcast or studio applications. But the versatility of the d:dicate™ microphones doesn’t stop there. The line is extremely flexible and can be used for high-quality table, podium, floor stand mount as well as a hanging and instrument mic. 

The range included encompasses both omnidirectional and several directional microphone capsules. Since most of the mics in this series are based on a modular design, the capsules and preamplifiers are completely compatible and interchangeable with the others. This means you can mix and match to create the exact mic you need for your specific task. The series revolves around the d:dicate™ 4000 microphones and the d:dicate™ 2000 microphones, both of which offer exceptional linear frequency response, high SPL and superior gain before feedback.


​Modularity – interchangable capsules and preamplifiers
Up to 120 dB dynamic range
RF rejection between >60 and >40 dB
Linear frequency response
High SPL
Superior gain before feedback

A truly flexible range

Any d:dicate™ Microphone Capsule can be transformed into a new configuration by combining it with one of the d:dicate™ preamplifiers

This provides signal integrity, noise elimination and tight specifications. This transformation can be done at any time, and with no tools needed (except d:dicate™ 4041, which has its own preamplifier).

Unique electronics design

With some d:dicate™ microphones offering up to 120 dB dynamic range, the series is hard to beat

The electronics design is optimized for the capsules as well as for the connection via long cable runs. The electronics allows you to get all the best out of the individual pre-polarized condenser capsules. 

In the electronics design, the CMRR (relevant for rejection of Radio Frequency Interference) is between >60 dB and >40 dB using the DPA Microphones’ philosophy of transformerless Impedance Balancing with Active Drive.

Best off-axis performance of any mic

For optimal directional mics, the only difference off axis should be a lower sensitivity. The frequency responses should be as uniform as possible. d:dicate™ Microphone Capsules feature unrivaled frequency-independent off-axis attenuation. Higher isolation can be obtained using interference tube technologies for shotgun mics.

Keeping the directional characteristic and behavior intact over a wide frequency range is an engineering art form. Test the off-axis responses of the d:dicate™ Microphones against any professional microphone – our d:dicate™ Cardioid Microphones are pure art and you will appreciate the difference.

Bear in mind that the output of a microphone is a 360° total (not only on omnis!) and poor off-axis sound cannot be treated separately afterwards. As the first part of the audio chain, microphones set the limit for the level of sonic excellence you are able to achieve. With the d:dicate™ Microphone series, you are sure to achieve pure excellence.