Academy award winning miniature mics

Technical Achievement Award history 

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honored science and technology in the movie making process since the very early years of the organization. The Academy established the category of Scientific or Technical Achievement at the (4th) Academy Awards back in 1931. The awards at that time were: 

  • Class I: For basic achievements which influence the advancement of the industry as a whole. 

  • Class II: For high level of engineering or technical merit. 

  • Class III: For accomplishments which are valuable contributions to the progress of the industry. 

First recipients 



  • Electrical Research Products, Inc., RCA-Photophone, Inc., and RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., for noise reduction recording. 

  • DuPont Film Manufacturing CORP, and Eastman Kodak Co. for super-sensitive panchromatic film. 


  • FOX Film Corp. for effective use of synchro-projection composite photography. 


  • Electrical Research Products, Inc., for moving coil microphone transmitters. 

  • Rko Radio Pictures, Inc., for reflex type microphone concentrators. 

  • Rca-Photophone, Inc., for ribbon microphone transmitters. 

Starting with the 1978 (51st) Awards, the “Class I” Scientific and Technical Award became the Academy Award of Merit, “Class II” became the Scientific and Engineering Award and “Class III” became the Technical Achievement Award. 

Academy award winning miniature mics


6060 Series Subminiature Lavalier

Just 3 mm (0.12 in) and available in a normal and a loud SPL version, the 6060 and 6061 Subminiature Lavalier mics pack the audio power of our larger, award-winning DPA mics. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability – three qualities that really matter. By shrinking CORE by DPA technology, we ensure you don't have to compromise on sound to focus on aesthetics.

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4060 Series Omni Miniature Mic

This entire series of miniature microphones is based on the original 4060; the very first miniature microphone developed by DPA from the best technology previously only used in hearing aids and measurement microphones.

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4660 Series Heavy Duty Omni Mic

Made for situations where you require maximum security and where the visual size of the mic is less important. The series is available in three different sensititity variants - 4660, 4661 and 4671 - each with its own advantages. This robust series features a stainless steel housing, a heavy-duty cable relief and a thick 2.2 mm (0.09 in) cable.

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4160 Series Slim Omni Mic

These mics are perfect for your film assignment or for any other situation where you need a completely hidden microphone. The series is available in two sensitivity variants, the 4160 for normal SPL and 4161 for loud SPL. With sound on par with DPA’s legacy Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones, you can be sure that the  Slim will not disappoint.

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Films made using DPA’s miniature lavaliers

Numerous films each year use DPA miniature microphones hidden on actor’s bodies, in hair and costumes. Here are a few more recent films that use them.

Sound Mixer Felipe “Flip” Borrero Turns to DPA Microphones’ 4161 Slim and Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Microphones to Solve Unique Audio Challenge.
Spider-Man: Homecoming
The Australian Production Sound Mixer is particularly impressed with DPA’s latest innovations including the 6000 Series of Subminiature Microphones and CORE by DPA amplifier technology.
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold
ToneMesa Deploys Wide Variety of DPA Microphones with Wisycom Transmitters and Receivers for Latest Ray Romano Project.
After numerous winning awards for his short films, director Alex Guéry used DPA microphones to record the audio for his first full length feature, Près de Moi.
Près de Moi
Production Sound Mixer Jesse Parker calls upon ‘Holy Trinity of Sound’ to capture pristine audio and provide smooth workflow for feature film
d:screet™ SC4098 used in filming of True Memoirs of an International Assassin
True Memoirs of an International Assassin
DPA gets up close and personal with Scarlet Johansson.
This action–packed movie presented a number of audio challenges, but thanks to DPA's d:screet™ Miniature Microphones these were easily overcome.
Mad Max: Fury Road
The company's tiny lavalier microphones allowed production sound mixer Simon Hayes to capture original dialogue at the point of shooting.
Guardians of the Galaxy

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