4097 CORE Interview Kit

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      Get the interview. Keep the distance.



      The 4097 CORE Interview Kit makes it easy to deliver great sound in challenging situations. It contains a 4097 CORE Shotgun Microphone, which shines in outdoor locations, handling inclement weather and limiting intrusive background noises. It’s a professional solution for professional broadcasters, who need amazing sound in a lightweight, small-footprint form factor.


      Free-standing solution
      Mount the microphone on a tripod via the cold shoe mount and use it as a stationary interview mic on a table.

      Transmitter-direct solution
      Mount the microphone directly on the transmitter and place it on a podium or table. This is a quick and easy mic solution with a very small presence.

      Voice-over recording
      For on-the-go voice-over work, there are a number of DPA accessories that quickly turn the mic into the perfect tool for your situation.


      • Extremely rugged and reliable
      • Enhances speech intelligibility
      • Resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures and humidity
      • Built-in shock mount for stability even in difficult situations
      • Available with 10+ mounting options for flexibility
      • Modular adapter system fits most professional wireless systems

      A flexible and light solution

      For a team doing on-location interviews, especially outdoors, it is important to have professional tools that make the entire process easy and flexible enough for any situation.

      When you’re doing distance interviewing inside or out, the 4097 CORE Interview Kit gets you up and running quickly and easily. No extra equipment. No complicated setup. No workflow changes. A lighter, more flexible solution lightens your bag and eases your work.

      Interview at (more than) arm’s length using the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic attached to an extremely lightweight telescope boom. It doesn’t get any easier or lighter (330 g (11.6 oz) without transmitter). The solution collapses down to only about 40 cm (16 in) and extends all the way to 140 cm (55 in)

      The 4097 CORE Interview Kit includes:
      • 1 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone (4097-DC-G-B00-010)
      • 1 MicroDot Cable 2.2 mm (.09 in), 1.8 m (5.9 ft) (CM2218B00)
      • 1 Plate for transmitter
      • 1 Velcro strap 330 mm (13 in)
      • 1 Cold Shoe Mount with standard 1/4 in thread (CS4099)
      • 1 Rycote Windjammer (Rycote 055427, DPA 4099 Mini Windjammer)
      • 1 Telescope Boom (Manfrotto MPCOMPACT-BK)
      Clip your existing transmitter into the holder at the bottom of the pole, connect it via a wireless DPA adapter (not included) and you are ready to go. For larger transmitters or extra security, a Velcro strap is included.

      You can even move the transmitter plate to the end of the handle, if preferred.

      For XLR connections, you can use the DAD6001-BC Adapter for MicroDot to 3-pin XLR with Belt Clip (not included).

      Explore specs

      A pre-polarized condenser with a supercardioid pattern and a dynamic range of 110 dB.
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      Alternative microphones


      4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone

      With its supercardioid polar plot, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic offers a highly-directional pick-up pattern as well as low self noise and high sensitivity. The mic is capable of handling high SPLs, which allows it to deliver undistorted natural sound, even when users speak loudly or yell. With a linear response, low distortion and an extremely large dynamic range, it sounds great no matter how challenging the environment.

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      Optional Accessories


      Microphone Clamp Mount

      Clamp mount to easily and quickly connect a 4097 Microphone to many types of surfaces.

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      Magnetic Microphone Clip

      Magnet Mount to place a 4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone on any magnetic surface. The versatile magnet mount/gooseneck system provides stable and repeatable positioning.

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      Universal Microphone Clip

      The design of the microphone clip includes a hook-and-loop fastener strap which allows it to fit poles of varying sizes and diameters.

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      Cold Shoe Mount with Standard (1/4 in) Thread

      This cold shoe mount grips the gooseneck on the microphone and connects the mic to the boom pole with a 1/4" thread that fits cam stands.

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      Gooseneck Extension, 80 mm (3.15 in)

      This gooseneck extension adds an additional 80 mm (3.15) of length so you can position the microphone slightly further off the mount.

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      Microdot Extension Cable, 1.6 mm, 1.8 m

      A MicroDot Extension Cable for any DPA miniature microphone. With this sturdy, reinforced cable, any DPA adapter for wireless systems can be used. 

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