Stable mic placement is key

Keeping your mic still and securely in place is important when you choose an accessory to hold your mic. In addition, some situations require the use of a shock mount to prevent external vibrations, which can affect the mic performance. 

DPA has a wide range of mic holders, gooseneck mounts and stereo and surround booms, as well as effective shock mount solutions. Most of our solutions are for pencil mics, but we do have a couple gooseneck  mounts for our miniature lavaliers and instrument mics. All of our solutions ensure the mics are held securely in place.

Shock mounts


Compact Shock Mount for Pencil Microphone

The CSM4000 Compact Shock Mount, also known as "The Radiator Mascot", is a shock mount designed for rubber suspension of Pencil Microphones with MMP-ER/ES or MMP-GR/GS preamplifiers on microphone stands.

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Double Pole Shock Mount for Pencil Microphone

This shock mount uses a double-pole construction on an adjustable microphone stand base. Both omnidirectional and directional microphones – compact as well as larger – fit this mount

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Suspension Mount for Pencil Mics with MMP-C Preamp

By wrapping the coil around the cable of the microphone preamp, the mount allows the microphone to be hung from the ceiling or the like and be oriented in any direction desired, just by bending the holder.

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Shock Mount for Pencil Microphone

The UA0897 Shock Mount is designed for use in environments where vibration levels are unusually high. Its ultra-compact, robust design significantly reduces the amount of vibration that reaches the mic.

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Stereo and surround holders


Lightweight Stereo Boom for Pencil Microphone

This lightweight stereo boom – with or without shock mounted microphone holders – addresses the need for quick, precise and repeatable ways to switch between AB, XY, ORTF and DIN stereo principles.

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Premium Stereo Boom for Pencil Microphone

The Stereo Boom is a precision-crafted microphone boom for secure mounting of microphone pairs for A-B stereo recordings.

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Surround / Decca Tree Mount for Pencil Microphones

The Surround Mount is a highly versatile and stylish microphone mount. This mount provides extreme flexibility due to its unique building block design. It allows for numerous configurations while providing visual elegance.

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Gooseneck mounts


Gooseneck Shock Mount for Pencil Microphone

You can use it together with your choice of instrument clip from our extensive range, so you can easily attach the Gooseneck Mount to your specific instrument. 

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Gooseneck Mount for 4060 Series Lavalier Microphone

The versatile gooseneck provides stable and repeatable positioning. This mount can be used for close-miking instruments in the studio or for live performances.

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Gooseneck Mount for Pencil Microphone

The GM1500 Gooseneck Mount is a combination of magnet mount, gooseneck and shock mount. Both omnidirectional and directional microphones – compact as well as larger – fit in the mount.

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Cold Shoe Mount with Standard (1/4 in) Thread

This cold shoe mount grips the gooseneck on the microphone and connects the mic to the boom pole with a 1/4" thread that fits cam stands.

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Clips and holders


Clip for Pencil Microphone

The UA0639 Microphone Clip is based on a traditional design, but with additional modifications. These changes ensure a tighter and firmer grip on the microphone, while still enabling it to be secured and removed repeatedly with ease. 

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Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder for Pencil Microphone

The CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder allows mounting DPA Pencil Microphones with MMP-ER/ES or MMP-GR/GS preamplifiers.

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Microphone Holder for Pencil Microphones

It has a unique design, which ensures that the microphone is held securely at all times. It is best suited for use in permanent or semi-permanent set-ups, where the stability of the microphone is of important. 

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Microphone Clip for MMP-E Preamp with Active Cable

This microphone clip is specifically designed to hold a pencil microphone solution with a short MMP-ER/ES preamp and secure it to a table base. The clip fits in the recess of MMP-E active cable preamps. 

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Magnet base


Magnet Base for Microphone Holder for Pencil Microphone

The standard thread allows for any holder to be mounted on a magnetic surface.

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