Interviewing / educating about use of DPA in studio & live environments

Career highlights

I've been working in live audio production and recording for about 15 years. I started in Theatre from a young age and grew into FOH & Monitor engineering at clubs in Denver and across the country. Attended CU Denver for study in music production and recording arts. I also worked in recording studios in Denver and Nashville as I began to travel for touring. I relocated to Nashville in 2014 and manage a recording studio called Ivy Hall Studio and also tour as a FOH Engineer & Production Manager with multiple acts.

Currently touring with Dan Tyminski - 4018VL

Currently touring with Trout Steak Revival - 5x 4018 VL & 2 x DPA 4099 (Banjo and Fiddle)


Favorite DPA Microphones


Contact information

Country: United States


Profile information

Speaks: English
Segment: Recording / Studio

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