Trained as a classical musician admitted in 1988 to the Jazz Guitar course at the Rotterdam Conservatory, at same time immersed myself in recording techniques & modular synths, created soundscapes for animated movies for the ‘School of art’ and did my first mixing sound at Bob Kommer studios for corporate movies and television documentaries.

Lots of projects, Working in London for GMR publishing and recording highly experimental bands from France, ska/punk/rock bands from the U.S, Classical music and producing albums for number A (also B & C) artists in the Netherlands.
B.T.W. Great love for pianos and especially Grands like Steinway D models! Tuning mostly in concert halls, theaters (if schedule allows).

Career highlights

1988 - till now. Collaborations with legendary musicians from The Netherlands
2002 - 2022 1st sound engineer at Theatre, involved building Amare theater - The Hague
2012 Hit Album Handsome Poets (Composing, Producing, Recording, Mixing, Master)
2013 Album for most famous dutch artist Guus Meeuwis (Producing, Recording, mixing)
2017 Edison ‘Jazz’ award winning Album ‘Barrelhouse’ (Producing, Recording, mix)

Favorite DPA Microphones

Usually work with ProTools and favorite mic is the 4006, Super mic, from recording a falling raindrop to re-amping a Marshall amp on 11. This mic catches all instruments characteristics. With acoustics in mind, decide the distance to the instrument, it's easy to let it take its place in the even most impossible over’channeld’ protools mixes.

Contact information

Social: Instagram
Country: Netherlands

Profile information

Speaks: English, Dutch
Segment: Education, PA & Rental / Live Performance, Theatre, Recording & Studio, Musician

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