It has being 25 years so far that I have devoted towards the business of audio, primarily, music production. More than a profession, is a passion. I have being blessed to work doing what I love.

I initiated my journey in the PA field, working in concerts rigging sound equipment and rolling cables at night. Then mixed monitors for bands, and front of house for musical concerts and events. Over the years, this job has taken me to many places around the world, until I came across a great television family that adopted my skills and put them to good use in the box.

Today I keep mixing live concerts. Big and small, FOH or MON, I keep sharing the same adrenalin rush as the audience from that first chord. Yet every day, I have to be on my best game to mix live to air various artists that visit our show, and that keeps me awake.

One day I may be mixing Peppa Pig and another day Coldplay. The list in between is nourished, the most important thing is that they are all serviced with the same level of respect and professionalism.

Career Highlights

Mixing Monitors and Broadcast at the Festival de Viña del Mar, Chile
Broadcast mix for Coldplay on all of their Australian visits.
Record Simply Red's DVD Farewell - Live at the Opera House.
Work with Dead Daisies in Cuba in one of the first ever Rock & Roll concerts on the island.
10 years as Audio Director for Australian Seven Network breakfast television, working for the most diverse range of music and artists.
Start my own business for music recording and broadcast audio services with our own mobile facility.
Met and watched James Brown perform live…. ooooh yeah!!!!

Favorite DPA Microphones

Vocal Microphone - the most practical vocal capsule I have come across
4099 Instrument Microphone - one of the most versatile microphones in the market
Pencil series - a purist transducer

Contact information

Ivan Ordenes
Dubology Studios
Live Engineer


Profile information

Segments: Broadcast

Speaks: English and Spanish

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