Front of house sound designer and engineer, Moshik Tzabary, has over 30 years of experience in the music industry.

Throughout his career, Moshik has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, earning accolades for his results and commitment to delivering the highest quality sound and service.
Moshik's attention to detail and technical expertise are highlighted in his ability to deliver multitrack recordings of live shows, as well as his orchestral sound engineering expertise. With patience and professionalism, Moshik strives to make his clients' visions a reality, whether working with established musicians or newcomers to the industry.
Moshik's appreciation for high-quality equipment is further evidenced by his affinity for DPA's microphone range, including the 4099, 4017, lavalier, and gooseneck microphones.

Career highlights

Jerusalem Symphonic orchestra
Warsaw philharmonic orchestra
Raanana simphonet

Yaakov shwekey
Eden Ben Zaken
Yonatan Razel
And many other talents

Rafi Biton
Ofir Sobol
Rafi Greidy
Michael Zukernik
Eli Yafe

Favorite DPA Microphones

Drum microphone kit
4099 strings, piano, brass etc.
Lavalier mics

Contact information

Company: Coral Studio Ltd
Country: Israel

Profile information

Speaks: English, Hebrew
Segment: PA & Rental / Live Performance

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