Foam Windscreen for Shotgun Microphones (DUA0073)

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      It is well suited for outdoor applications in a light breeze and for speech at close distances.

      Fits with these microphones


      2017 Shotgun Microphone

      Designed to excel at the challenging requirements of the broadcast industry, the 2017 is a reliable shotgun microphone, featuring durable construction and exceptional ease of use, combined with extraordinary acoustical properties. It performs both in fixed positions, on camera systems and on booms.

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      4017 Shotgun Mic

      Designed for a broad range of applications, this microphone is ideal for use with camera systems, in fixed positions for broadcast / ENG / film booming and even studio recording environments. They are also often the natural choice on a sports scene where large areas are to be covered with a lot of microphones, i.e. a football field and the likes.

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