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Unleash the power and energy with the right mics 

In the fast-paced world of sports broadcasting, every moment counts. Advanced condenser microphones are engineered to focus on specific, often distant sound sources while minimizing unwanted background noise. With precision and accuracy, these microphones capture the action of the game and the raw emotions of the players, ensuring the audience doesn't miss a single detail. 

While many types of microphones are used for any given sports event, to give the audience an immersive sound experience, shotgun microphones are widely used. Many sporting events will have multiple shotgun mics placed around the playing area. Nonetheless, there are many other types of mics used for a successful broadcast.  

  • Highly directional shotgun microphones are and can be aimed precisely at the source of the sound. These are often used by broadcasters to capture specific sounds, such as commentary from the commentators' booth, sounds hitting a ball or the set off for a jump

  • A sports interview with players, coaches, and officials is often done using lavalier (lapel) microphones. A lavalier microphone can also be used to capture ambient crowd noise from specific locations 

  • Commentators and analysts often use headset microphones as they provide live commentary during the broadcast. These microphones are hands-free and supply consistent audio quality 

  • Boundary microphones are placed on the ground or on a surface near the playing area. They are ideal for capturing the sounds of the playing surface and the immediate surroundings. They can be placed along the sidelines or on the field/court itself 

  • Parabolic microphones use a dish-like reflector to capture sound from a specific direction, even at a distance. These mics are often used for capturing sounds from specific players or areas of the field while minimizing background noise 

  • Ambient microphones are placed in various locations around the stadium to capture the overall atmosphere and crowd noise. These microphones can help convey the energy of the event to the viewers 

It is crucial to select the right combination of microphones and audio equipment to simplify the tasks of sound engineers. Sports audio equipment must work together effortlessly and be able to adapt to unexpected circumstances. 

Tackling the roar: Conquering noisy sports venues 

Miking a noisy sports venue is a challenge that requires expert solutions. The thunderous cheers of the crowd, the echoing of footsteps, and the echoes from hard surfaces can all threaten the clarity of your broadcast. 

Equipped with advanced interference tube technology, DPA’s shotgun microphones isolate the sounds that matter most, while damping the sound behind the microphone. Say goodbye to audio distortion and hello to broadcast-quality sound! 

Live sports production presents an immense dynamic range of sounds – from the hushed conversations of coaches to the deafening roars of the crowd. Our shotgun microphones excel at capturing this wide spectrum of audio, ensuring that the gentlest whispers and the most thunderous roars are faithfully reproduced, providing an immersive experience for your audience. 

The ultimate challenge: Adapting to different OB vans 

As the heart of sports broadcasting, production trucks and OB vans demand the best audio equipment. Our shotgun microphones seamlessly integrate into these setups, enhancing the audio quality of your broadcasts. With innovative designs and rugged construction, our microphones are built to withstand the challenges of on-the-go production, ensuring your audience receives top-tier sound no matter where the action takes you. 

A1 audio engineers are no strangers to the need for adaptability. Working across various OB vans/OB trucks can be a daunting task, since no two are quite alike. Some shotgun microphones can simplify the process though. Choose microphones that are versatile and flexible – ones that can be used in various positions, and that are quick and easy to place and that won’t take extra time to adjust every time they are placed in a new position.  

Microphone set up and placement: A challenge and an art 

Microphone set up and microphone placement are critical elements in sports broadcasting. From lavs strategically positioned near basketball nets to shotguns capturing action sounds, and ambient mics painting the auditory landscape – choosing the right microphones can make this part of the job much easier.  

A shotgun microphone, like all mics, should be placed as close to the sound source as possible. Usually, though this depends on the specific application, this can be complicated because most broadcasters want to keep the microphone out of the camera frame. In addition, extremely directional mics like these are susceptible to vibrations and handling noise, so shock mounts or suspension systems to reduce these types of noise are necessary. Angle the microphone to capture the desired audio while minimizing unwanted noise. 

In addition, wind noise can be a significant issue in outdoor sports broadcasting. Foam windshields (blimps) or fur covers (also known as "dead cats") must often be used on microphones to minimize wind interference and maintain high audio quality and intelligibility.

Shotgun microphones


2017 Shotgun Microphone

The 2017 is a durable shotgun mic with amazing acoustical properties. It is the perfect solution to mic a noisy sports venue as it can easily isolate the sounds that matter most, while damping the sound behind the microphone.

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4017 Shotgun Mic

Designed for a broad range of applications, this mic is ideal for use with camera systems, in fixed positions at sports facilities, for broadcast/ENG/ film booming and even studio recording environments. It can be paired with the preamp of your choice.

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4097 Micro Shotgun Mic

The 4097 makes it easy to deliver great sound in challenging situations. It shines in outdoor locations, handling inclement weather and limiting intrusive background noises. It’s a professional solution for professional broadcasters, who need amazing sound in a lightweight, small-footprint form factor.

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Lavalier microphones


4060 Series Omni Miniature Mic

This entire series of miniature microphones is based on the original 4060; the very first miniature microphone developed by DPA from the best technology previously only used in hearing aids and measurement microphones.

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4080 Cardioid Mic

The 4080 is a lavalier that captures the human voice with an unusually high degree of definition. This microphone offers maximum side rejection and excellent sonic focus on the subject. The mic is designed for broadcast, conference and other live performances both in the studio and in the field.

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Headset microphones


4466 Omnidirectional Headset Mic

The 4466 CORE Omnidirectional Headset Microphone combines DPA’s renowned 5 mm capsules with CORE by DPA technology and the Red Dot award-winning headset. This omni mic offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom.

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4488 Directional Headset Mic

The 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphone offers an open and natural sound making it ideal for both spoken word and vocal performance applications. It provides excellent off-axis rejection in high-SPL situations.

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Surround solution


5100 Mobile Surround Mic

A completely self-contained plug-and-play solution for 5.1 audio capture. It brings engaging surround ambience to sport events, documentaries and other HDTV productions. This microphone is versatile and can be mounted in many ways:, microphone stand, suspended from the ceiling or via a handgrip.

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