Microphone Holder for Pencil Microphones (UA0961)

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      This microphone holder fits all DPA large diaphragm and standard pencil microphones plus other mics with 19 mm (.75 in) housings.
      It has a unique design, which ensures that the microphone is held securely at all times. It is best suited for use in permanent or semi-permanent set-ups, where the stability of the microphone is of important. 

      Fits with these microphones


      4090 Omni Mic, P48

      This is a series of high-quality omnidirectional condenser microphones. Due to their uniquely natural and open sound, these mics are suitable for instrument-miking applications in the studio or on the stage. They are also often used as line up mics for measurement purposes.

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      2017 Shotgun Microphone

      Designed to excel at the challenging requirements of the broadcast industry, the 2017 is a reliable shotgun microphone, featuring durable construction and exceptional ease of use, combined with extraordinary acoustical properties. It performs both in fixed positions, on camera systems and on booms.

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      4055 Kick Drum Mic

      The 4055 Kick Drum Mic is designed to capture the true sound of the bass (kick) drum. Its flat frequency response allows the sound engineer to shape the sound to fit any genre, like jazz, rock, metal or pop.

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      4041 Omni Large Diaphragm Mic, P48

      This large diaphragm mic offers superior sound quality. This is the most quiet and most detailed mic in the DPA portfolio. It is designed to work in a standard 48 V phantom power environment.

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