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The 2028 & the d:facto™

Your epic beats need an epic mic

Next-gen condenser beatbox mic

Professional beatboxers usually own at least two mics – one condenser mic for use at home or in studio and one dynamic mic for live shows. The 2028 Vocal Microphone is a professional studio mic that can also handle the high sound pressure level environment of stage use.
Just think about it – now you only need one mic no matter where you perform. Not only can you save the cost of one microphone, you ensure that the way you sound during practice is the way you sound on stage.

The sonic quality of the 2028 is almost identical to that of its legendary predecessor the d:facto™ – in fact, you might find it difficult to hear the difference (like Sinjo). Some features that do set it apart is the size of the mic, which is smaller and easier to cup for most hands.

The 2028 allows you to have a louder, more powerful sound on stage without getting those feedback frequencies. The smaller size, combined with the lower cut off; this mic actually has more bass response than the d:facto™!

– Sinjo, Head of Sound at SwissBeatBox

Legendary condenser beatbox mic

The d:facto™ Vocal Microphone brings a lot to the beatboxing stage. But don't take our word for it, listen to Sinjo, Head of Sound at Swissbeatbox break down why the d:facto™ was chosen as the mic for all performances during the Grand Beatbox Battle 2019.

It [the d:facto™] has a very rich and clean bass response. Things like lip rolls, kicks and throat bass come through very powerful with a full sound that is not overwhelmed by the low-mid frequencies. In other words, your bass sounds will be very clean and powerful without being distorted and muddy.

– Sinjo, Head of Sound at SwissBeatBox

Choose a d:facto™ to get the most out of your performance. It's a perfect mic for the beatboxing stage.


2028 Vocal Mic

Its smaller size combined with its lower cut off, give the 2028 Vocal Mic even more bass response than its legendary predecesor the d:facto™. This robust stage-ready mic is the obvious choice for beatboxers wanting to elevate their beats both on stage and in studio.

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4018 Vocal Mic

Chosen by SwissBeatBox for use at GBB2019 because of its fantastic qualities, including its rich, clean base response and ability to reproduce loud and soft transients. The d:facto™ is a worthy upgrade to traditional dynamic mics.

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Working with beatboxing pros

We are proud to be the official Mic Sponsor for Grand Beatbox Battle 2019.

When SwissBeatBox reached out to us, we jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them. We know a lot about professional vocal mics and the importance of sound clarity and mic durability on the live stage. Fortunately, most of the live performance needs of a pure singer and a beatboxer are the same.

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DPA on the beatbox stage

In the videos below, you can watch Alexinho, Codfish and other beatboxers perform using the d:facto™.

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