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The d:facto™ Vocal Mic

Your epic beats need an epic mic

You're probably familiar with dynamic mics and might even rely on them for your performances. Dynamic mics are tough, feedback resistant, have low handling noise and can handle the high SPLs that come from the close up beat work. While all this is true for dynamics, you can find condenser mics that also meet these specific requirements. In fact, some condenser mics have extra, amazing qualities that can take your beats to the next level.

Introducing a truly amazing beatboxing mic – the d:facto™ Vocal Microphone – a studio condenser mic built for the live stage. In fact, you might not be aware, but the d:facto™ isn't completely new to the beatboxing stage. In the video below, you can watch 2018 World Beatbox Champion, Alexinho perform using one.

See the d:facto™ in action in the video below.

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Clear sound - from high hat to throat bass

In addition to all of the qualities of dynamic mics listed above, the d:facto™ brings a lot more to the beatboxing stage. But don't take our word for it, listen to Sinjo, Head of Sound at Swissbeatbox break down why the d:facto™ was chosen as the mic for all performances during the Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, April 12-15.

It [the d:facto™] has a very rich and clean bass response. Things like lip rolls, kicks and throat bass come through very powerful with a full sound that is not overwhelmed by the low-mid frequencies. In other words, your bass sounds will be very clean and powerful without being distorted and muddy.

- Aaron "Sinjo" Barner, Head of Sound at Swissbeatbox

Choose a d:facto™ to get the most out of your performance. The d:facto™ is the perfect mic for the beatboxing stage:
  • More sensitive/ picks up more details (especially high frequencies)
    - High hat and snare sounds will sound more crisp and clear
  • Rounded grill with a flat top
    - Great shape for cupping and getting close
  • Sturdy grill construction with extra protective metal grill under foam
    - Protective yet easy to disassemble and clean in a dishwasher
  • Can handle extremely high SPLs (160 dB)
    - Get close and loud without clipping
  • Rich, clean base response
    - Great for lip rolls, kicks and throat bass
    - Clear and powerful, without being distorted and muddy
  • Reproduces loud and soft transients
    - No need to push your sound
    - Focus on performance and individual sounds
  • Wide pick up angle
    - Allows a range of sounds to come through simultaneously


4018 Vocal Mic

The d:facto™ Supercardioid Mic brings true studio sound to the live stage. These mics are available in an extremely linear 4018VL version as well as in a 4018V version with a high-end boost. You can use the d:facto™ 4018 with a handle or choose to use your favorite wireless system.

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Working with beatboxing pros

We are proud to be the official Mic Sponsor for Grand Beatbox Battle 2019.

When SwissBeatBox reached out to us, we jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them. We know a lot about professional vocal mics and the importance of sound clarity and mic durability on the live stage. Fortunately, most of the live performance needs of a pure singer and a beatboxer are the same.

Swiss Beatbox logo


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Check out the d:facto™ at GBB

DPA Microphones will be at GBB, with d:facto™ mics that you can try out yourselves. Stop by, test your grip, make some beats and talk with our mic experts who can answer your questions about condensers, mic positioning and much, much more.

In addition, you will be experiencing some of the best beat box performers in the world compete using them. All of the mics on stage at GBB are d:facto™ mics. Not only will they be used during the battle, eight lucky winners, 1st and 2nd place in each category, will win a personalized d:facto™ to take home.

We can't wait to hear more beatboxers delivering amazing performances with a d:facto™ at the Grand Beatbox Battle. For now, you can watch a few more performances below.

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