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True studio sound on the live stage

The d:facto™ series brings true studio sound to the live stage and recording studio. These mics are available in an extremely linear version as well as in a version with a high-end boost.

Engineered especially for vocal performances onstage, the d:facto™ holds a supercardioid capsule that is designed to reproduce every nuance of the human voice transparently, consistently and thrillingly.

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4018 Vocal Mic

The d:facto™ Supercardioid Mic brings true studio sound to the live stage. These mics are available in an extremely linear 4018VL version as well as in a 4018V version with a high-end boost. You can use the d:facto™ 4018 with a handle or choose to use your favorite wireless system.

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Features of the d:facto™ Vocal Mic

  • Extraordinarily natural sound
  • Perfectly uniform supercardioid directionality
  • Extremely low handling noise
  • High separation
  • Extreme SPL handling
  • Sleek design

Modularity redefined

The d:facto™ Handheld Microphones series boasts a fully modular construction. The grid, capsules and wired handle (or adapters for wireless systems) are all interchangeable. This ensures that your audio investment is future proof — easily adaptable to changes in wireless technology as well as frequency-band modifications.

You can use the same supreme-sounding capsules wired as well as with third-party wireless mic handles. This preserves the capsule sound and makes it possible to keep the sound settings between different performances. Improving the sound quality even with low-cost wireless systems may be a better audio result than buying a more expensive wireless system.

The d:facto™ line consists of two capsule versions. The vocal microphone is intended for stage use with audio quality so high that it can be used for studio recording as well as broadcast use. The vocal microphone comes in a linear version and a version with a high end boost.

Pop protection and shock mounting

It can be quite a challenge to give a stage mic enough protection against plosive consonants like k, p and f without adding too much high-frequency damping at the same time.

We have developed a three-way pop-protection system, which is easy to remove, split and clean after use. d:facto™ Vocal Microphones also have an effective built-in shock rejection rubber ring close to the mic head, which suppresses unwanted handling noise.

Flexible adapter system

This gives you flexible, simple and affordable possibilities.

With the d:facto™ Vocal Microphones series, you are no longer bound to one wireless system. As circumstances change, you can just switch your adapter at a quarter of the cost of a new microphone. You won't hear any loss in sound quality.

d:facto™ adapters work with all leading wireless mic solutions, such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony and Wisycom. DPA Microphones’ ingenious adapter system is one of a kind in the industry. This modular system protects your investment in fantastic sound for years to come.

The possibilities are endless

Our selection of accessories allows you to make your mic your own.

With the d:facto™ Vocal Microphone you gain stunning vocal acoustics. Why not personalize it further with our range of grids, clips and windshields.

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They just sound great. The d:facto™ Vocal Microphone is genius. Even in a small club I can get it as loud as most dynamic mics without hideous feedback, but the sound quality and 'intelligibility' is still there." – Phil Jones, Front of House Engineer for Royal Blood
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15 DPA mics at the Eurovision Song Contest

The DPA d:facto™ is in my opinion currently the best and most flexible condenser capsule on the market. One big advantage is that, thanks to the available adapter, one can compile an ideal combination of capsule and transmission technology for the respective situation.
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The price is going to put a lot of people off, as this is an expensive microphone — but when I told the singer it cost seven times more than the microphone he was currently using, his response was that it sounded it!
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How to mic vocals with handheld mics on stage

From a professional singer’s point of view, the sound color and general response of the microphone should be as true as possible to the sound of the performer’s tone. The human voice is a pristine instrument that should not be changed by a microphone fingerprint.
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The d:facto™ is a great mic, and if you have a compatible wireless system you’re getting an incredibly flexible piece of gear. It will take your wireless system to the next level, and if you are looking for a great mic to make your live gigs really shine—look no further.
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