4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Mic

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      A choir mic for any situation


      • Unobtrusive, yet elegant design
      • Supercardioid pick up pattern
      • Uniform off-axis response
      • Reaches up to 253.3 cm (99.7 in)
      • Three integrated shock mounts ensure stability
      • Rapidly stabilizing active boom pole
      • Wireless capabilities ensure a flexible solution
      Designed as a choir mic, predominately for use in House of Worship communities, the 4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Mic will suit anyone looking for an unobtrusive, versatile and great sounding choir mic, such as live broadcast shows with choir or ensemble vocal performances.

      An inconspicuous floor stand solution specifically designed to capture the natural sound of a choir, the 4097 is unlike any Choir Mic available on the market. Each part of the solution has been specifically designed and tested to ensure it meets the needs of a wide range of choir situations.

      As a supercardioid mic, the 4097 offers a highly-directional pick-up pattern as well as low self noise and high sensitivity. The 4097 is capable of handling extremely high SPL’s which allows the mic to deliver undistorted natural sound, even when the choir sings loudly. With a linear response, low distortion and an extremely large dynamic range, these mics sound great no matter how challenging the environment. In addition, singing into the side (off-axis) of the microphone doesn’t make the audio sound worse; it just drops the level of the voice. This allows the engineer to use fewer mics and point the capsules at the last row of singers. The pick-up pattern will attenuate the sounds to the side and produce a natural balance between the nearest (loudest but attenuated) and the furthest (weakest level, but performing to the microphones most sensitive direction).

      Extremely stable, yet unobtrusive construction

      The 4097 has a more stable construction than any other dedicated choir mic on the market. The shorter active boom pole is very quick to stabilize if accidently bumped. The three built-in shock mounts – in the microphone capsule, the swivel joint and the floor base – combine to decrease rumble if bumps happen.
      The unobtrusive, yet, balanced floor base contains an integrated shock mounting solution, which helps stabilize the entire construction. The vertical pole that attaches to the base consists of three individual pieces that can be used to adjust the total height of the system. Simple, yet secure thread screws hold the three pieces together. This unique design allows for a vertical pole that does not swing, but rapidly stabilizes itself after being positioned. A piece of the pole can quickly, with no tools needed, be removed to lower the unit.
      A swivel joint with a built-in shock mount connects the vertical pole to the active boom pole and, together with the gooseneck at the top, allows full control over the microphone placement. The swivel joint controls the angle of the active boom pole as well as its position in relation to the vertical pole. The microphone capsule is positioned at the correct angle out of the box, so it can easily be positioned to sit above the choir at a 90° angle to the active boom pole. This ensures that the microphone itself does not interfere with view from the audience. The top gooseneck allows you to make small adjustments to control the specific direction of the microphone capsule.

      The 4097 has a smaller, slimmer, more unobtrusive footprint, seen from the audience's point of view. Part of this is due to the elegant and exclusive looking black matte, non-reflective surface, which diminishes reflections from overhead lights.

      Wireless for an even cleaner look

      The 4097 can be used wireless making the entire look discreet. From the end of the 122 cm (84 in) active boom pole with the internal cable run there is a female MicroDot that attaches to the supplied Heavy Duty MicroDot cable and ends at the Floor Base. At the base, the adapter holder simply and inconspicuously stores either a standard MicroDot to XLR adapter (included), or alternatively, a regular wireless transmitter. Any transmitter type that is included in our adapter program can be used. This feature allows for great flexibility on stage when you have multiple choir mics in the same space. When the choir is on stage, you simply place the 4097s in the assigned spots and you're ready to go!

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      Supercardioid, XLR or wireless and 253 cm (100 in) max height.
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