German online magazine Amazona.de reviews the 4055 kick drum microphone.
"The linear frequency response of the DPA 4055 is important to mention. In contrast to the usual representatives of this type of microphone, the mic from DPA offers a neutral sound without coloration, so that the sound engineer has complete freedom in terms of the sound design. This means it can not only be used for the kick drum, but also for other high-volume instruments.

Depending on the angle to the batter head, a slight change in the frequency response in the high frequencies is clearly audible. Here you can do a few experiments as you please and get the desired result completely without EQing.

The neutral sound of this microphone makes it a Swiss army knife in the studio. Whether it's jazz, rock, pop or metal, the DPA 4055 picks up what's "there" and gives you free rein for mixing.

I like working with high-quality microphones that are more than their obvious appearance and can do more than one suspects after the first attempts.

Great sonic results can be achieved here without any EQing, and that doesn't just apply to recording bass drum. Rather, the DPA 4055 is a universally usable (condenser) microphone that offers connoisseurs many options in the studio and on stage."

The reveiw is in German but translates well with Google Translate. 

Read the full review and listen to the audio examples here...


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