Mark Woods puts the 4055 Kick Drum Mic to the test.
"The DPA 4055 looks different. The slender matte-black body flares elegantly into a largish semi-gloss steel mesh head, separated by a decorative silver trim ring. It takes a moment to notice, but the body is asymmetrically shaped with the head mounted off-centre. This gives the mic a unique look while allowing the mic holder to be positioned for minimum total width, to help fit into tight spaces. The big round head makes it look fat enough to handle big bass waves but it’s also functional in that it allows for a large piece of wind/turbulence-proof fabric across the front of the capsule.

Speaking into the 4055 is instructive. It sounds like a DPA instrument mic — flat response, slightly shiny above 6kHz, no presence boost in the high mids, accurate off-axis, high resistance to feedback in front of speakers – and you realise it could be used for any instrument or vocals with good results. It’s got that radio sound up close with the required thickness right up on the grille and the wind-damping foam is highly resistant to plosives. Low handling noise too. The thin, asymmetrical body feels a bit weird in the hand for live handheld use but it would be a good radio mic.

Thelma Plum was my first touring act to use the 4055 live at the Theatre Royal and engineer Dan Nash was happy to give it a go. The company’s reputation precedes it and the sound peeps I mentioned it too were unanimously enthusiastic to see/hear how DPA has approached the application.(...)

The 4055 is a luxe piece of live kit. It quickly won me over and every visiting engineer I showed it to. It’s accurate straight out the gate. You can hear it respond to different positions in and out of the shell. And it responds equally well to EQ."

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