If you get the DPA headset adjusted properly, you will forget you're wearing it.
"One primary goal of DPA's headset mics is to let you position the mic on-target (the corner of the mouth) and on heads of all shapes and sizes. Mission easily accomplished. The headset is adjustable in almost every conceivable way. The wires that form the bulk of the frame slide across each other to change the overall size of the headset. The boom slides in and out of the earpiece mount to adjust its overall length, and it also pivots to change its vertical position relative to your mouth. Switching the boom from left to right is an easy, 10-second operation. A sliding guide smoothly routes the cable at a 90-degree angle down the back of your neck. A spring clip attaches to your clothing to keep the cable from pulling.

All this flexibility and clever design is a moot point if the headset isn't comfortable. Here the 4466 and 4488 earn
high marks as well, thanks to the design of the DPA ear grips. It's how the headset grips the ears that determines comfort, and DPA has clearly spent lots of time perfecting fis area. The frame loops back on itself on each end, creating a small circle Of wire that touches the base of your ear. The ear grip wire then curves up in a shape to gently follow the back of your ear; this length of the wire is covered in soft rubber. The wire is flexible and easily bent, and it retains the shape you define. If you get the DPA headset adjusted properly, you will forget you're wearing it. Primary goal #2: comfort. Nailed it."

(Church Production Magazine)
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