DPA’s instrument and vocal microphones provide reliable, clear audio for rehearsal spaces and touring packages
Before your favorite musicians hit the stage on tour, hours of rehearsal and preparation take place to achieve the perfect performance. For touring and recording artists in the Los Angeles area, Third Encore Studios is the place to make that happen. Starting with a single practice room in 1989, Third Encore has become a premium rehearsal studio provider with seven fully equipped studio spaces. Among the many artists who rely on the company’s services and rehearsal rooms are high-profile musicians like Phoebe Bridgers, Blink-182 and Kendrick Lamar.
Third Encore has also grown into a full production campus with a rentals department, storage facility and cartage services. When artists put their shows together at Third Encore’s studios, they can sample the many audio and backline options available. From mixing boards and wireless audio systems to more than 90 vintage and modern production keyboards, along with a wide range of drum kits, Third Encore supplies a variety of high-end, quality gear.
For the microphone inventory, Third Encore has chosen to showcase a range of solutions from DPA Microphones, which are frequently used and requested by clients. The brand’s 4018 d:facto™ Vocal and 4011 Cardioid Condenser mics are on-hand at the studios, along with the 4055 Kick Drum, 4099 Instrument, 2015 Wide Cardioid and 2012 Compact Cardioid, both as standalones and part of the DPA Drum Microphone Kit.

When it comes to rentals, Third Encore offers several audio packages that incorporate DPA. “The 2012, 4011 and d:facto mics are especially durable and road-worthy; they can take the abuse that naturally occurs when our clients are on a long tour run,” says John Hoik, Rentals and Studio Booking Manager for Third Encore Studios. “These mics also sound big; you can expect them to deliver audio in the exact way the instrument sounds. There’s no coloration or masking like you get with other brands.”
In addition to renting gear for tours, artists call on Third Encore for practice in the company’s many rehearsal studios. “We now have a solid inventory of DPA mics available for use in all our studios,” adds Alex Moore, Vice President and Co-owner of Third Encore Studios. “If a client doesn’t specify which mic they want, we offer them DPA. Many of our regular clients enjoy using them, so choosing DPA was a natural choice.

“One client always brought his own DPA mics to the studios, and he raved about their quality and sonic clarity,” Moore continues. “When we sat in on his rehearsal, we were able to hear just what he was talking about. We have since exposed a lot of our clients to the brand, and are now seeing an increase in requests for the 4099s, d:facto and 4055. We want to offer our clients a premium product and service across the board, and when it comes to microphones, that means DPA.”
This decision has proven successful for Third Encore so far. “One thing that our artists really like is how naturally the audio is captured,” says Hoik. “The DPAs are so linear and clear that you can get a huge sound—especially on a fully loaded drum kit! The mics are also very small, so it’s easy to get different, unique results by positioning the mics in different ways. We recommend DPA for any type of live application.”  

As Third Encore continues to expand its backline and audio rental offerings, DPA is sure to stay. “Since adding DPA to our offerings, the mics have received compliments for their small size, unobtrusiveness and flatness,” says Moore. “When I hear that our audio staff is impressed and that our clients continue requesting DPA, that is more than enough reason for me to invest in the brand.”
Founded by former roadies for the iconic rock band The Eagles, Third Encore focuses on providing a full-service rehearsal and production campus to artists in the Los Angeles area. On the main campus, Third Encore’s studios range from 900 to 2,250 square feet, with additional production offices and auxiliary spaces, making it possible to accommodate rehearsals of any size. In addition, Third Encore has a 4,000-square-foot satellite facility and more than 250 lockout studios across nine other locations. Find more information at https://thirdencorestudios.com/.


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