Brand teams up with Yamaha for production truck that will allow attendees to see and hear esteemed DPA mics used on the grand plaza stage in action
DPA Microphones, together with Yamaha, will showcase a selection of its mics at the new Mobile Listening Studio as part of a Grand Plaza Tour at the 2024 NAMM Show. Located behind the Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, the mobile studio will act as a mixing space for all performances at this stage for the duration of the convention. DPA welcomes attendees to tour both the stage and studio to see and hear first-hand the clarity provided by DPA mics. Attendees can also visit DPA Microphones on the show floor (Booth 17911).
“This new Mobile Listening Studio will not only highlight the unrivaled versatility and clarity of DPA mics but will also be an exciting place for show attendees to see a variety of top-of-the-line gear,” says Jarrod Renaud, Marketing & Communications Manager, DPA Microphones. “Attendees can now enjoy a live show at the Yamaha Stage, outfitted with DPA mics, and visit the mobile studio to learn more about the live recording processes. DPA Microphones designs solutions intended to take users from studio to stage and we look forward to showcasing that flexibility in person at the Mobile Listening Studio at the 2024 NAMM Show.”
This Mobile Listening Studio includes all the equipment found in a standard studio, but in a mobile setup that will emphasize the recording and broadcasting capabilities of DPA microphones. With DPA mics also in-use by all performing acts on the Yamaha Stage, the brand will showcase how its mics can be taken from studio to stage, and back. Included among the mics being presented are the new 2017 Shotgun, 2012 Compact Cardioid, 2015 Wide Cardioid and 4055 Kick Drum mics, as well as classics like the d:facto™ 4018 Vocal and 4099 Instrument microphones, to name a few. Attendees are welcome to listen from the audience to the mics’ authentic replication of live vocals, schedule a backstage tour at the Yamaha Stage to see the ease-of-setup DPA mics afford and/or visit the Mobile Listening Studio to hear the mics’ natural sound reproduction, which requires little EQ.
The DPA Mobile Listening Studio can be seen and heard at the 2024 NAMM Show, outside the
Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, which is outfitted exclusively with DPA microphones supplied by Mastermind Production Group. Attendees can tour the stage between sets to see what mics are used and why, and then move backstage to the livestreaming/mobile listening studio to hear a recording of their test. This setup will give attendees the opportunity to experience DPA through a PA and in a controlled studio environment.
The microphones will also be available for viewing at the DPA booth (Booth 17911) on the show floor, where attendees can sign-up for the Grand Plaza Tour.

Alternatively, visit THIS LINK to sign up online!


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